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Create, Share
and Explore
Augmented Reality

Create AR 

Build your own Augmented Reality

Create your own AR Museums, Virtual Exhibitions or Video Studios.

The heart of the Arrea app is a simple but powerful AR editor to create 3D geometries & shapes, displays and objects.

Apply images and videos to create virtual museums & exhibitions, video installations, bluescreen video studios and many more we couldn’t think of yet.

The AR Model was build with the Arrea App. Exported to USDZ and converted for a web view.

Augmented Reality Museum

Explore AR

Explore Art, Science or Educational AR

Arrea is a platform to explore Augmented Reality.

We create weekly new AR content from AR Museums to Educational Experiences.

Walk through here:

AR: The Human Epoche

AR Museum: Gustav Klimt

AR Videos we made on Instagram

See what students from the HTW-Berlin university build in Augmented Reality using the Arrea App.

See the whole project

AR Cloud

Publish and share on our AR Cloud.

AR Cloud - Arrea - Augmented Reality App

Building and sharing Augmented Reality was never easier than with the Arrea AR App.

Build your own Augmented Reality Experiences, apply Image and Video Materials with the build-in AR Editor. Shapes become walls and displays become screens for your artwork.

Publish & Share your AR creations and invite people around the globe to explore your Augmented Reality in their area.

This makes Arrea a tool to reach your audience in a truly new dimension.  

App Features

AR Editor
Editor to Create
Geometries & Shapes for
Augmented Reality
Media Library
Add Images & Videos
from your Media Library to your AR  
Free images
Or Add Free Images & Videos
from 1.9 million Free Stock Materials
Record AR
Record AR Videos
Enable Bluescreen
(People Occlusion)
Save AR
Save Created AR
Publish AR
Publish & Share AR
Export USDZ
Export AR to 3D File format: USDZ
Import 3D
+600.000 free 3D Models
and LiDAR Scans
Arrea - Augmented Reality App
Arrea - Augmented Reality App in the AppStore